Berlin Open 2018 Header


Berlin Open 2018 (record entitled)


14th -16th of December 2018


Stadthalle Falkensee bei Berlin,
14612 Falkensee, Scharenbergstr. 15.


5 qualification rounds (Friday and Sunday):
2x 30 Arrows 18m
Sunday final & Second Chance

Starter Classes

Individual competition for the following classes:
Rec/Comp. M/W, ARST*, W1,W2,W3*
*ARST/W1,W2,W3: corresponding to the tournament regulations from the DBS Para from 09.03.2018.
The classes ARW1, ARW2 and ARST shooting summarized. If there are 5 or more starter for the classes ARW1, SB1, SB2 or SB3 they will be considered as an independent class.

Entry fee

All classes €75,00
Via bank transfer


Total prize money of min. 10.000€


Take a look at schedule...


From 08.08.2018 16:00 MESZ
Until 09th of December 2018
Only online

The tournament is limited to 600 participants. The start entitlement results from the input sequence.
Hot and cold food and drinks are available at the venue


The preliminary round will be shot in five separate groups on Friday (14.12.2018) and Saturday (15.12.2018). You can find your group assignment on the internet, on your starting number or on the starter list available on site on the day of competition. The list of participants will also be posted on the internet way earlier.

During the competition you will shot three arrows each round on a 3-spot target, following the World Archery rules. You will shoot 60 arrows in total. There will be four rounds of preparation.

Second Chance

The competition “The 2nd Chance” will follow these rules:
There will be 3 rounds, where you will shoot 5 arrows on a special DANAGE 6-spot target. Each spot except the one in the middle are valid targets. Because the spots overlap each other, it is important, that the hit can get clearly associated with one spot. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the referee. You’ll have 150 seconds for each round to shoot the 5 arrows.

After the 3 rounds all results will be evaluated and the person with the highest score will win the prizes (non-cash). In case there are multiple persons with the same highscore, the results of the preliminary round will be consolidated. The prizes will be handed over directly afterwards with a small award ceremony. If you want, you can take your 6-spot target with you.


Unfortunately we can not supervise your bow cases in the hall, but there will be a luggage storage, where you can hand them over safely. The entire competition field is reserved exclusively for the shooters, the employees and the representatives of the organizer.

Liability: Participation in the Berlin Open is at your own risk and responsibility. The organizer and all assigned employees at the event take no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or other events, as far as these are not attributable to it.
Parking: You can park your car for free next to the sports hall in the parking lot.

Time table

Like the years before the Berlin Open find place from 14th to 16ht of December.

Friday, 14.12.18

14:00 1st Qulificationsround
18:00 2nd Qulificationsround

Saturday, 15.12.18

08:30 3rd Qulificationsround
12:30 4th Qulificationsround
16:30 5th Qulificationsround

Sunday, 16.12.18

08:00 1/16 finals CW (incl. training)
09:00 1/16 finals CM (incl. training)
10:00 1/16 finals RW (incl. training)
11:00 1/16 finals RM (incl. training)
12:00 1/8 finals CW and CM
12:30 1/8 finals RW and RM
14:00 2nd Chance 1st Round
15.00 2nd Chance 2nd Round

Sunday, 16.12.18

13:30 ¼ finals CW
14:00 ¼ finals CM
14:30 ¼ finals RW
15:00 ¼ finals RM
15:30 ½ finals CW and CM
16:00 ½ finals RW and RM
16:30 BroncefinalsCW and CM
17:00 Broncefinals RW and RM
18:00 Goldfinals

Starter classes

At the Berlin Open - International Archery Tournament you can start in the following classes:

Recurve woman/man,
Compound woman/man and additionally also in
ARST, W1, W2 and
S1, S2, S3


For all particpants we have garanteed 10.000€ of purce available. The exact division will be published soon.


For the first time of history, the Berlin Open will take place in the city hall of Falkensee. More informations about this Eventlocation you can find at the main page.

The exact address is:

Stadthalle Falkensee
Scharenbergstraße 15
14612 Falkensee

You can find more than 250 free car pitches at the eventlocation

The main train station "Falkensee Bahnhof" is less then five minutes of walking away.

During the time of the event you can buy big and small snacks and drinks.

The complete location has a disability access.


The best way to get to the location is to take the car or the train.
The next station is Falkensee mainstation "Falkensee Bahnhof". There are the train lines RE2 (to Cottbus), RB14 and RE6 available.
You can also reach the event location by Bus 337 (to Falkensee) from the Berlin public transportation company (BVG) and some more bus lines from the regional public transportation company (HVG).
To make your plannings much easier we connected Google Maps below.